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Ogenyi Timothy Emenike


Ogenyi Timothy Emenike



Timothy Ogenyi is a Senior Climate Policy Analyst, a certified Climate Change Ambassador, an Environmental Consultant, a Sustainability Expert, and an SDG Advocate on Climate Action with a passion for inspiring, educating and connecting the Climate Leaders of the future; in line with his activism in Climate Education and communication, and advocacy for climate-smart practices and locally-led adaptation initiatives.

He has over 12 years of growing career proficiency in assessing the impacts of proposed projects on the physical, biological, social, economic and cultural environment as well as mitigating any negative effects on the environment and biodiversity; with special regard to IFC Performance and World Bank Standards and the Equator Principles. As such he has years of experience in transformational change in response to a range of environmental and social challenges; including acquired expertise and knowledge as relates to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA, ESMP), and auditing environmental performance of facilities/projects’ activities and operations.

He also has thorough technical and practical knowledge of climate-risk assessment, environmental and social management plans, waste management and circular economy, environmental performance audit, and health and safety expertise. I am very conversant with data/sample collection, data analysis and visualization; with proficiency in interpretation of water quality and soil samples results of laboratory analysis. In addition, I have a passion for stakeholder engagement/consultation and local community mobilization, with the ability to travel or reach remote areas.

Topics he easily pays attention to are Green skills education/empowerment, Climate Resilience and Adaptation, Climate-Smart Agricultural practices, Waste management and Circular economy, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental performance Audit, Data Analysis and Research Publications, Occupational Health and Safety (HSE), Leadership, and Project Management.

Among his other interests are educating and empowering youths with climate education and green skills acquisition; facilitating and speaking at pieces of training, webinars and capacity building; community engagement with rural farmers to identify and enhance locally-led adaptation measures; research into policy frameworks and sustainable practices for climate resilience; engaging rural farmers and local communities to build climate resilience to climate crises affecting agricultural livelihood and food security; research into project initiatives to enhance local knowledge and local solutions to ensure locally-led adaption and socioeconomic development; and indigenous solutions and climate-smart initiatives for locally-led adaptation purposes.

He is a self-driven individual, climate change enthusiast and educator, who has a passion for climate advocacy and creating sustainable solutions. He is skillful in teaching, writing, researching, investigating, asking questions, understanding reality, building capacity, reporting, technical aptitude, assessing, auditing, analysing, multi-tasking, volunteering, solving problems, managing projects, administrating, taking the initiative, showcasing creativity, negotiating, critical thinking, being flexible, and being self-motivated. He is also a self-taught GIS mapping and graphic designer, who loves working with teams, networking, meeting like-minded individuals, and collaborating with project initiatives on climate change to create global impact and provide indigenous solutions.


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Email: timothyogenyi2708@yahoo.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothyogenyi/