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About Us

About SPP Nigeria

About Us

About us


The Society for Planet and Prosperity, SPP is a Nigerian listed environmental NGO that is born out of the need to ensure optimum participation of all the stakeholders including the local communities in sustainable management of Africa’s environmental resources.

SPP is a non-partisan organization devoted to sustainable policy research and facilitates climate change advocacy, as well as identifying new ways of managing environmentally friendly economy in a sustainable manner and influencing individual and corporate habits. SPP also provides consultancy services to governments, local and international organizations as well as the organized private sector.

SPP was conceived through a well thought out alliance of some seasoned professionals of National and International repute uniting to address Africa’s environmental issues.

Executive Summary

Global climate change is a terrific problem that defies easy or conventional solutions. This problem is actually an emergent condition of socio-economic transformations which must be managed effectively despite its multidimensional nature. Managing climate change effectively in the years ahead will require holistic political, ecological and social actions on many fronts through an accelerated social, political and ecological policy implementations; as well as through a participatory grassroots climate action awareness creation.

The Society for Planet and Prosperity, SPP seeks to influence Nigeria’s public opinion on the issue of climate change to increase political will and motivation to take action in combating the problem. This Climate Campaign Plan describes SPPs measurable goals toward this end, as well as its strategy and tactics for achieving these goals.