Environmental Impact and Social Safeguard Monitoring

The Instruments

Some of the most potent instruments for the achievement of Sustainable Development are Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and policy tools designed to prevent or mitigate undue harm to people during the development process (Social Safeguards).

When properly conceived and duly implemented, these social safeguards ensure comprehensive protection for communities and the environment against the adverse effects of developmental projects. They also provide far-reaching mitigation measures.

Gross Violation of EIA Law and Safeguard Policies

The EIA law and Safeguard Policies are, however, mostly breached or circumvented by key stakeholders. which serve to undermine the laws, to the detriment of project host communities and the environment.

Up and down the country there are massive mining and construction projects going on without the informed consent of affected communities and adequate assessment of how they affect surrounding air, water and soil. In some cases properties and livelihoods are destroyed and communities are displaced without compensation. In other cases people are made to work under unsafe conditions and without living wages.

Our Strategy

One of the strategies we have adopted at the Society for Planet and Prosperity (SPP) for the protection of people and the natural environment is to strictly monitor the EIA process for all category ‘A’ projects and project proponent’s compliance with Social Safeguard policies. This will be achieved by applying strict ethical standards like those proposed by the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA, 2009).

It comprises standard scientific methods involving desktop studies, field research, consultations, laboratory analysis, impact assessment, recommendation of mitigation measures to guarantee that the project meets with the requirements for environmental and social sustainability.

The Outcome

The outcome of this third-party, independent scrutiny of EIA processes for major projects and compliance to Social Safeguard policy instruments, will be made available by SPP to government agencies, stakeholders, donor agencies and the public, through electronic, print and social media platforms.

The Call

The campaign to resuscitate our dying planet is desperate, one that requires ‘All Hands on Deck’; why don’t you join us in this lofty endeavor to save Planet Earth, for our mutual prosperity!

At SPP, it’s all about People, Planet and Prosperity