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Our Vision

In line with Africa’s Sustainable Development drive, Society for Planet and Prosperity envisions

Our Mission

The Society for Planet and Prosperity SPP aims at establishing regional institutional capacity that will support Nigerian


The Society for Planet and Prosperity, SPP seeks to influence Nigeria’s public opinion on the issue

About us

The Society for Planet and Prosperity (SPP)

The Society for Planet and Prosperity, SPP is a Nigerian listed environmental NGO that is born out of the need to ensure optimum participation of all the stakeholders including the local communities in sustainable management of Africa’s environmental resources.

SPP is a non-partisan organization devoted to sustainable policy research and facilitates climate change advocacy, as well as identifying new ways of managing environmentally friendly economy in a sustainable manner and influencing individual and corporate habits.

Short Documentary


11 Measures for Nigeria’s Net-Zero Target And Socioeconomic Transformation

our Projects

Our Projects And Campaigns

Our Projects and Campaign are focused towards providing strategic information and solution to Climate Change

Environmental Monitoring And Rating

Big corporate organizations such as banks, oil and gas, mining, construction, and manufacturing companies

Climate Change Education & Tree Planting Project

Our approach is to present not just the ecological/environmental values of environmental protection.

Environmental Impact & Social Safeguard Mornitoring

Some of the most potent instruments for the achievement of Sustainable Development are Environmental

Promoting Green Economic Growth

Nigeria Is at a critical juncture in her development trajectories, confronted with internal

Water Sanitation & Hygien

Lack of access to potable water and sanitation facilities is one of the major causes of infection in Nigeria, especially among children.

Towards A Green And Resilient Recovery In West Africa: Nigeria And Ghana

The Society for Planet and Prosperity is delighted to be working in partnership